Definition of heartwarming in US English:



  • Emotionally rewarding or uplifting.

    ‘heartwarming stories about life as a country vet’
    • ‘By doing so, he patches up an unorthodox story with a heart-warming resolution.’
    • ‘It centers around a heart-warming tale of how a father and daughter, both noted magicians, are bonded together by their love of magic.’
    • ‘For now, here is the heart-warming story of a love that could not be denied.’
    • ‘With each shot, with each close shave, the collective moans and cheers of the group was heart-warming.’
    • ‘The stories are funny, heart-warming, entertaining, meaningful and well written.’
    • ‘It was a heart-warming Christmas gesture made by Hampshire parishioners to poverty stricken young children.’
    • ‘However, due to the backing of a hard-working local team and the heart-warming support of local voters, I was able to achieve a good majority.’
    • ‘I came across a heart-warming story of love and humanity in this crazy muddle of politics and religion.’
    • ‘This summer, heart-warming scenes like the above are being played out across the plages and dance floors of Europe, in the cantinas and tapas bars.’
    • ‘Now it is fully operational and the response from the public has been heart-warming, but we need to get our message across to the general public.’
    • ‘In the coming weeks we want to hear and publish the stories of these youngsters and we expect some remarkable, touching and heart-warming tales to emerge.’
    • ‘Now we have another heart-warming tale to prove it.’
    • ‘There is also the heart-warming story of Emily, a cow, and her flight to freedom.’
    • ‘In his first film, it almost did - for he was telling a heart-warming, unselfconscious story.’
    • ‘It is the heart-warming and poignant story of three people whose lives are closely linked although they do not know it yet.’
    • ‘The stories range from the heart-warming to the bone chilling, without ever giving in to sentimentality or farce.’
    • ‘It's a heart-warming story of love, loss, love, biscuits, tea, friendship, tea, token Americans, tea and love.’
    • ‘It was a touching and heart-warming experience and I was grateful for their kindness.’
    • ‘This film tells the heart-warming story of a Belgian woman trying to make it in an economically depressed former mining town.’
    • ‘For a film that's honestly committed to being heart-warming and uplifting, it just about gets there.’
    touching, moving, affecting, heartening, stirring, rewarding, uplifting, pleasing, cheering, gladdening, encouraging, gratifying, satisfying, warming, soul-stirring
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