Definition of heart urchin in US English:

heart urchin


  • A heart-shaped burrowing sea urchin which has a thick covering of fine spines on the shell, giving it a furry appearance.

    Class Echinoidea, order Spatangoida

    • ‘So the heart urchin is considered to be secondarily bilaterally symmetrical.’
    • ‘This species of heart urchin is found throughout the Indian and Pacific Oceans, from Mauritius to the coast of Central America.’
    • ‘The sandy patches yield burrowing starfish, rare delicate tube anemones, heart urchins, peacock flounders, and many species of nudibranch and sea hare.’
    • ‘Burrowing heart urchins have bands of very fine spines that are termed fascioles that help them live in fine sediments.’
    • ‘Occasionally, unusual events or creatures are seen - massed heart urchins for example, or odd fish such as tadpole fish, red mullet, and even trigger fish.’


heart urchin

/härt ˈərCHən/