Definition of heart massage in US English:

heart massage


  • Another term for cardiac massage.

    • ‘She then started performing coronary pulmonary resuscitation - a combination of the kiss of life and heart massage, which she had learned on a college course.’
    • ‘‘They were able to take their breathing sets off, which is not normal protocol, and started to give the children mouth to mouth resuscitation and heart massage,’ he said.’
    • ‘So we opened her chest to cross-clamp the aorta, while undertaking direct heart massage.’
    • ‘When the man lapsed into unconsciousness and then stopped breathing PC Kershaw, after finding no pulse, carried out mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and heart massage until paramedics arrived.’
    • ‘He gave the baby mouth-to-mouth and heart massage and after seven and a half minutes he came back.’
    • ‘A North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service spokeswoman said a firefighter who narrowly avoided being caught up in the crash pulled over and gave mouth to mouth resuscitation and a heart massage to the elderly victim.’
    • ‘She decided quickly and leant over Adam, performing the direct heart massage and life breathing.’
    • ‘Bradley was unconscious and had stopped breathing before Mr Marshall performed the heart massage and mouth-to-mouth techniques he uses to save his calves.’
    • ‘Like most of the traumas in the novel, this violent scene is twinned with one of healing when a valiant army doctor revives Ben's buddy with an emergency heart massage.’
    • ‘What kind of victory is it for a mother to know that when her baby dies, as he surely will, doctors may use heart massage to try to bring him back to life for a short period of time?’
    • ‘The paramedic said the trio took turns giving the man heart massage and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, which stimulated vital oxygen to his brain.’
    • ‘My dad was in a really bad way and we were trying to give him heart massage and mouth-to-mouth with the woman giving directions over the phone.’
    • ‘On the streets on the way to the centre people were walking away calmly but some had injuries and I saw at least four people lying on the street, one being given heart massage by a police officer.’
    • ‘‘They worked on Marian and gave her heart massage,’ said Mr Bates, who was hit on the head with a crowbar during the struggle.’
    • ‘Ambulance crews have praised school staff for their role in saving the girl's life. A PE teacher gave Jade mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and heart massage while waiting for help to arrive.’
    • ‘As the hearse pulled up outside Mrs Jones' cottage, two police officers saw her leg twitch and began to give her heart massage.’
    • ‘He told a York inquest he at first thought, Miss Aston was still alive and after untying the knotted blue rope from around her neck, and lowering her into the hall floor, desperately fought to revive her with heart massage and the kiss of life.’
    • ‘He said he had conducted mouth-to-mouth, while another officer had attempted heart massage.’
    • ‘But using an airbag and heart massage they managed to revive the woman and she is now expected to make a full recovery.’
    • ‘Two nurses - class members - gave heart massage and police arrived within minutes with a defibrillator.’