Definition of heart-stopping in US English:



  • Thrilling; full of suspense.

    ‘a five-minute burst of heart-stopping action’
    • ‘It was the longest women's final in Wimbledon history and one of the most heart-stopping epics the old place has seen in a century and more.’
    • ‘At first I thought we had a 50-50 chance and after four or five heart-stopping moments we were chuffed to bits.’
    • ‘Large packs of black matted mastiffs prowl the streets for scraps, occasionally breaking into fights of heart-stopping ferocity.’
    • ‘There are many moments of heart-stopping beauty in this staged narrative of an Iraqi family the Australian government almost destroyed.’
    • ‘After waiting so long for one genuine piece of heart-stopping action to awaken the masses from their slumber, chances arrived incessantly.’
    • ‘An uneven album at best, there seems to be a schizophrenia at work, forcing them from heart-stopping beauty to clod-hopping stupidity and back again.’
    • ‘So here's one more heart-stopping quote for them, too.’
    • ‘During our visit, a heart-stopping 32 ounce steak appeared on the specials board, but I couldn't tell if this was a challenge or a threat.’
    • ‘I would go into a terrible, heart-stopping panic which would increase when I suddenly realised that the exams actually started today.’
    • ‘It was challenging, it was exciting, it was heart-stopping at moments and for me it brought a different kind of thought process which I really enjoyed.’
    • ‘The final twelve, heart-stopping minutes proved to be scoreless.’
    • ‘Then with 50m to go, he would edge ahead for a heart-stopping victory.’
    • ‘The ride demands more courage - all you can think about is the speed and the heart-stopping near-vertical drop into the pool.’
    • ‘There are heart-stopping ballads, squeezebox folk songs and all the vamping jazz and Latin dance tunes you would have heard so close to the Mexican border.’
    • ‘For those who have not yet felt that heart-stopping thrill of the first sustained pull of a strong wild salmon - believe me it is simply superb.’
    • ‘The heart-stopping chases and elaborate killings are the main assets of the film along with a couple of new entries in the dinosaur catalog.’
    • ‘Sean ran three heart-stopping races on Saturday and Sunday, which earned him a fourth place Certificate of Merit in the final.’
    • ‘And also, an actor who was on that flight somehow finds humor during the heart-stopping flight.’
    • ‘A couple of days ago, I experienced a real heart-stopping moment.’
    • ‘Reach for the thesaurus and look up ‘drama’ and every last word you find will be needed to do justice to this heart-stopping occasion.’



/hɑrt ˈstɑpɪŋ//härt ˈstäpiNG/