Definition of hearing dog in US English:

hearing dog


  • A dog trained to alert people who are deaf or hard of hearing to such sounds as the ringing of an alarm, doorbell, or telephone.

    • ‘Temperament tested and intensively trained for nearly eight months, Noah joined the honorable ranks of border collies working as certified hearing dogs and service dogs.’
    • ‘The new scheme only applies to cats and dogs coming to Britain from Western Europe, and may also include guide dogs and hearing dogs from Australia and New Zealand.’
    • ‘After decades giving her time to help others, Mrs Sansom has been recognised for her efforts and had a hearing dog she helped to pay for named in her honour.’
    • ‘He chose the charity because nephew Sam has partial hearing and may benefit from a hearing dog one day.’
    • ‘And while I've heard that a hearing dog would alert us to any crying the baby makes, we can't afford one.’
    • ‘I told them about the royal decree but they said they would still only allow guide dogs for the blind and hearing dogs for the deaf.’
    • ‘She has proved her worth, as a hearing dog and as a guardian angel.’
    • ‘Matthew led a sponsored cycle ride to help to buy a hearing dog for a profoundly deaf teacher at the college.’
    • ‘In the past year these visitors have included music and theatre groups, the fire service and police personnel, a hearing dog and trainer, and a mother with her newborn baby.’
    • ‘‘Mandy, this is Jessie, my hearing dog,’ Jenny explained as she scratched Jessie behind the ears.’
    • ‘Some of the dogs rescued in the past have become hearing dogs for the deaf or have gone on to work for the RAF.’
    • ‘Blind people get Seeing Eye dogs, deaf people get hearing dogs.’
    • ‘I swear if I could pass Gracie off as a hearing dog and get away with it I would.’
    • ‘Plucky hearing dog Rosie defied cruel thugs and a savage attack to scoop a bravery award.’
    • ‘Four years ago, the charity Hearing Dogs for Deaf People gave her a hearing dog to aid her with everyday household sounds.’
    • ‘Her hearing dog, Jessie, was curled up at the foot of her bed, asleep.’
    • ‘If you start with a young puppy, the amount of time isn't usually too much more than what would be needed to train a hearing dog: about 30 to 45 minutes a day, plus one hour a week when you are in an obedience class.’
    • ‘I was also involved in teaching assistance dogs, such as seeing-eye and hearing dogs, for people with an impaired sense.’
    • ‘‘Jessie is a hearing dog,’ Jenny explained with a smile, trying desperately to ignore the look of disaproval on the woman's face.’
    • ‘Yet it costs just as much to train a hearing dog and several months of training.’


hearing dog

/hɪ(ə)rɪŋ dɔɡ/