Definition of hearer in US English:



  • See hear

    • ‘That is the real point of the sermon, to help his hearers understand the all pervading contradiction in every human life, especially when it surfaces at the time of death.’
    • ‘It compels attention, because it is the giving of a gift, not just a thing that is external to teller and hearer alike (even if it's a well-known old tale), but that somehow is a giving of a part of the teller's own being.’
    • ‘Assume that any biblical verse you cite has an obvious meaning, and lead your hearers to think that it is identical with the point you're trying to make.’
    • ‘Real conversation is a series of starts and stops, with doubling back to respond to the words and facial expressions of the hearers.’
    • ‘Unless the context is made very clear, the reader or hearer cannot be sure whether such an expression as ‘fulsome praise’ is meant in the sense ‘generous in amount, extent’ or in the sense Perry suggests.’