Definition of healthfulness in US English:



  • See healthful

    • ‘You might then understand why the change in technology from horse to gasoline-powered automobile was greeted as a great blessing for healthfulness and cleanliness by average Americans.’
    • ‘So far it seems to be going rather well, notwithstanding my teetering healthfulness and total lack of income.’
    • ‘You should examine your advertising and marketing materials and your sales pitch to determine if you are communicating a message of healthfulness, purity and responsibility over and above what the law requires.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the cultured products category, and more specifically yogurt, is demonstrative of the dairy industry's ability to play off the healthfulness of its product lineup.’
    • ‘At the same time, it was widely, if not universally, acknowledged between traditional physicians and their patients that appetite was a pretty good guide to the healthfulness of foods.’