Definition of health service in US English:

health service


  • A public service providing medical care.

    • ‘But even at the height of the communist system there was never a national health service.’
    • ‘Irish residents can use the card to get treatment in the public health service of any EU country.’
    • ‘He should make up his mind whether he wants to be in the public health service to provide a service to St Lucia.’
    • ‘Why can't this be used to establish a decent public health service that everyone can afford to use?’
    • ‘After all it is more economically sound to keep a public health service and it is much better for all concerned.’
    • ‘The poor are best served by a good public health service that is funded by taxation and free at the time of delivery.’
    • ‘It is not the same as hospitals and health services, and care and rehabilitation.’
    • ‘As recently as three years ago some politicians could talk about the NHS as the finest health service in the world.’
    • ‘The priority in the initial years was to strengthen the public health services.’
    • ‘There was a major overhaul of the public health service, badly needed after recent cholera epidemics in the South.’
    • ‘There is a national health service, but private medicine serves a large share of the population.’
    • ‘Interestingly, amalgamation turned out to be good for public health service in Toronto.’
    • ‘There is widespread misunderstanding or confusion regarding public health services.’
    • ‘Some states' governments have tried to use area health services to deliver care.’
    • ‘The full funding of long term care as an integral part of a universal health service is long overdue.’
    • ‘She can control, by Order in Council, what a health service can and cannot do.’
    • ‘They do this to assure the public that health services meet high standards, and that doctors can be trusted.’
    • ‘So we don't spend a lot of money when you consider the amount of money that's spent on the health service.’
    • ‘If I were to have an accident, I know I will be well taken care of by our health services.’
    • ‘Evidence for the dismal state of the public health services is well documented.’


health service

/helTH ˈsərvəs//hɛlθ ˈsərvəs/