Definition of health center in US English:

health center


  • A building or establishment housing local medical services or the practice of a group of doctors.

    • ‘She spent one summer helping out at a remote village clinic in Mexico and another summer working at a health center in Guatemala.’
    • ‘His creations in wood raised much money for the building of a health centre in St Mary's.’
    • ‘If you suspect a child is being abused, ask a doctor or community health center how to report your concerns.’
    • ‘Persons with symptoms of TB might go first for evaluation and care to a community health center.’
    • ‘The general practitioners in my health centre, however, were willing to learn.’
    • ‘He became the senior partner at one of the practices in the health centre and retired in 1991.’
    • ‘I practise from a modern health centre in a partnership of four doctors and almost 7000 patients.’
    • ‘Under the application, there would be a new community hospital, health centre and ambulance station.’
    • ‘Your community may offer support groups at a local hospital or mental health center.’
    • ‘Reported figures only account for girls who attended prenatal clinic at the health centre.’
    • ‘Another appointment is granted by our local health centre and I want the doctor to see how ill he is.’
    • ‘Does your camp require that staff who are eighteen and older store their prescription medications in the health center?’
    • ‘Every district of 2 million has clinics, a primary health center, and a hospital.’
    • ‘He practices developmental-behavioral pediatrics in a community health center in Boulder, Colo.’
    • ‘At the weekly baby weigh-in clinic at my local health centre, new mothers sit round in a circle on plastic chairs.’
    • ‘A determining factor for the size of your health center is accessibility of medical care in the surrounding community.’
    • ‘He slowly tried to change things and there is now a magnificent health centre manned by 10 doctors.’
    • ‘These programs are often held at a local hospital or health center.’
    • ‘Today he runs two clinics - in a private practice and in a community health center for indigent patients - where he works with primary-care physicians.’
    • ‘He had been to a neighborhood health center, but they had to send away for his medications through the Patient Assistance Program, which could take four to six weeks, and he was in immediate need.’


health center

/helTH ˈsen(t)ər/