Definition of headwork in US English:



  • 1Activities taxing the mind; mental work.

    • ‘Add to the instrument-scanning task all the headwork you're doing to understand what the instruments are indicating.’
    • ‘His headwork and CRM were good, but something was missing; that something missing was with me.’
    • ‘I am worried about his headwork, but I have prepared for it, and will keep my head down.’
    • ‘We have all talked this event through many times since that day, and we all agreed that, despite the poor headwork, we had managed to escape real trouble only because we were at the peak of our flying game.’
    • ‘This recovery was the result of good headwork and great across-the-board CRM, and could easily stand on its own merits as an example of any of the seven critical CRM skills.’
    • ‘And we certainly should have used better headwork.’
    • ‘We just handle emergencies using NATOPS and sound aircraft knowledge, tempered with situational awareness and headwork.’
    • ‘Their quick and decisive headwork prevented fuel from going down the Prowler's port intake and starting a fire.’
    • ‘I did a little headwork, some guestimating, and soon I had a rough idea of where he was.’
    • ‘That one mistake, and subsequent bad headwork, had almost cost the Navy a $35-million aircraft and me, my life.’
    • ‘However, NATOPS and good headwork prevailed, and we looked for the nearest paved field.’
    • ‘As I slowly but surely began to rebuild my airmanship skills, my headwork deteriorated.’
    • ‘When something unusual occurs, you always can fall back on CRM, solid headwork, and good airmanship.’
    • ‘For once, we used good headwork by climbing off the route and squawking emergency when it was obvious we no longer could continue on the route.’
    • ‘Good headwork and crew coordination saved a situation that easily could have turned disastrous within a second or two.’
  • 2headworksApparatus for controlling the flow of water in a river or canal.

    • ‘Present Queensland legislation contains fairly specific provisions enabling local authorities to require contributions from development applicants in respect of water and sewerage headworks.’
    • ‘Major projects in the planning stages, with tenders to go out shortly, include: Desert Knowledge Centre headworks - $2.2m.’
    • ‘Villagers of Nurpur Bet, Bagge Kalam, Bagge Khurd and Bonkar Shole said they could not sleep last night after they heard that water was being released from the Ropar headworks.’
    • ‘With a rise in the water level of the Sutlej after the release of water from the Ropar headworks, panic has gripped villagers living along the Dhussi bundh.’
    • ‘However, the native title holders will get development approval for half of the land to be opened up, no less than 30 blocks; get to choose the half; have the right to develop first and don't get charged for the upgrading of the headworks.’
    • ‘The association has threatened that if the case was not withdrawn, canal water supply would be stopped by junior engineers from various headworks in the state.’
    • ‘This coupled with the already plunging water table in Punjab should awaken to bitter reality those who reckon only with misleading data gathered from headworks during the floods.’
    • ‘Some pockets of the area started getting water only three or four years ago after a headworks was created near Valluvar Kottam.’
    • ‘There is a pleasant walk of about a kilometre alongside the race as far as its headworks, where a weir on a mountain stream intercepts the water.’
    • ‘The headworks (water, power and sewerage mains) already go to the edge of the proposed new Larapinta development.’
    • ‘The latest grant will be for the start to finish line, headworks for permanent power and water, and turn-off from the Stuart Highway.’
    • ‘While in Baghdad, [they] made a pyramid of the skulls of Baghdad's scholars, religious leaders, and poets, and… deliberately destroyed what remained of Iraq's canal headworks.’