Definition of headwear in US English:



  • Coverings for the head, such as hats, caps, and scarves.

    • ‘Yet giving them a legitimate complaint - the legal banning of modest headwear - is supposed to help the situation?’
    • ‘A bill was recently introduced banning all blatant signs of religious affiliation, including forms of headwear, crosses and even forcing beard-wearing youth to shave their faces.’
    • ‘More often than not I sport the headwear of the retired gentleman - a classless corduroy cap, but hope to see the day when the bowler, the homburg and the trilby, like the mini-skirt, become fashionable again.’
    • ‘The headwear is made from a 100-percent micro fiber that absorbs moisture and wicks it to the top layer, while the material surface acts as a radiator to enhance and promote evaporation.’
    • ‘Used kitchen foil can be transformed into a shiny new dress with matching headwear.’
    • ‘But you so often depend on props like headwear and scarves.’
    • ‘Jamming helmets over headwear, they size each other up.’
    • ‘I'm unfamiliar with the headwear of these nice ladies.’
    • ‘The big numbers included, of course, the cancan, but also a Viennese waltz scene with the dancers in flowing ballroom gowns and a big, big finale, with ostrich-plume headwear and sequinned costumes.’
    • ‘Years ago when I was first married in the 1960s, I used to help make theatrical headwear.’
    • ‘Instead of having only a few different clothing options available, you now have literally dozens of choices including the skater's headwear, shirt, pants and shoes.’
    • ‘It is now open every day from 11 am to 4pm for people who wish to leave in items such as duvets, blankets, sleeping bags and warm clothing, like coats, jackets, headwear, etc.’
    • ‘There is no shortage of race-inspired headwear designs available from industry suppliers, and they are used for a whole lot of purposes besides promoting drivers.’
    • ‘On the street I met - a first for me - two lovely older women, wearing appropriately garish headwear, who are members of the Red Hat Club!’
    • ‘Headwear suppliers are upbeat about not only their new offerings for 2004, but about the business climate in general for promotional headwear.’
    • ‘It enables distributors to combine promotional headwear and custom logo apparel with a variety of other advertising specialties to form a tailored combination of products for an event or as a gift.’
    • ‘But the tide has recently turned, and men's headwear has regained much of its popularity, as more and more men are looking to differentiate themselves by wearing unique fashion accessories.’
    • ‘All bed linens, pillows, towels, clothing, and nondisposable headwear should be placed in a sealed plastic laundry bag and laundered by the facility-approved commercial laundry.’
    • ‘The Greeks awarded wreathlike headwear to early Olympic champions - the wreath, in that case, meaning victory.’
    • ‘My guess is that it was in the first couple of decades of the last century, but I thought you might be interested because of the styles of clothing - in particular, note that virtually everyone has headwear of some sort.’