Definition of headstay in US English:



  • A forestay, especially in a small vessel.

    • ‘All new 5/16' stainless steel stays were installed, with the addition of double headstays.’
    • ‘The most common at-sea rigging failures we observe tend to be shrouds or headstays failing due to metal fatigue.’
    • ‘The intermediates and headstays seem to break the most, and fortunately neither usually cause a broken mast.’
    • ‘Prior art headstays carried a single luff bread or a luff rope in the forward edge of the jib.’
    • ‘We have the machinery to do swaging on stainless steel wire for headstays, backstarys, standing rigging, etc.’
    • ‘A tight headstay is achieved with tight shrouds, tight backstay, and minimum headstay length.’
    • ‘I think you need two entirely separate headstays to see any increase in the strength of the system.’
    • ‘If the tack line feeds to a fitting foreword of the headstay the sail must go outside the headstay.’
    • ‘Also, boats with furling systems or grooved headstays must have an alternate means of attaching the heavy weather jib.’
    • ‘Also remember that a looser rig tension makes the headstay sag, allowing the jib to be fuller.’
    • ‘First, the second headstay is not really important because of the wire luff of the storm jib.’
    • ‘If the headstay is not long enough, pulling on any backstay will over flatten the jib and this is very slow.’
    • ‘When you tension the backstay so the headstay becomes straight, the mast will then have prebend in it.’
    • ‘The measurement for an average lead position is 2.6m from headstay at the deck to the middle of the jib car.’
    • ‘In Shannon's ‘Scutter’ rig, the inner of the two headstays carries a 140-percent genoa on a furler, and this is the headsail you use in lower to medium wind ranges.’
    • ‘The extrusions and the halyard swivel remain on your headstay, you do not need to buy these parts.’
    • ‘The headstay goes to the forward hole and the lower unit is installed in one of the after holes.’
    • ‘Most have cables coming out of a through-deck block assembly and the headstays just attach to the cables with clevis pins.’
    • ‘Split drum units are available for quick change from furling headstays to double grooved headstays for those of you who want the best of both the cruising and racing configurations.’
    • ‘But I realize twin headstays are not satisfactory, since when used for only one headsail the stay will sag and cause the luff to be too loose.’