Definition of headstall in US English:



North American
  • 1The part of a bridle or halter that fits around a horse's head.

    • ‘The animal was tied by a tight leather headstall to two of the captor's warhorses.’
    • ‘He backed Azmur up, and reached back to grasp Mina's headstall.’
    • ‘The No Bit Bridle is made from strong polyester webbing, with a soft padding to the nose, poll and headstall.’
    • ‘The following are advisable: an extra saddle pad, cinch, off billet, reins and snaps, headstall with bit, and protective boots for your horse's legs.’
    • ‘Just as I was putting the bit in his mouth, and the headstall over his ears, I heard the familiar sounds of an approaching horse.’
    • ‘Biondello faithfully reports that the chief means of controlling the horse - the headstall, or bridle - having been ‘restrained to keep him from stumbling, hath been often burst and [is] now repaired with knots.’’
    • ‘The mare pranced eagerly, proudly showing off the bright blue saddle pad and headstall.’
    • ‘Kat hauled the Australian saddle off its rack and set it on the floor near Jazz, then retrieved his headstall off the far wall.’
    • ‘I put the saddle on the stall door and hung the headstall on the saddle horn.’
    • ‘When teaching the Arabians to rear up and walk on their back legs, he placed an assistant on each side holding a long rein attached to the headstall.’
    • ‘When he returned he had an almost new barrel saddle and headstall.’
    • ‘‘Horses have to be weighed a minimum of 45 minutes before their race with no gear on but for a bridle or headstall,’ Leigh Jordan of Racing Victoria told us.’
    • ‘Wander toward the back of the shop, where craftsmen bent over worktables make saddles and spur straps, horse headstalls, and leather bags.’
    • ‘If you think about it, the aggression of a young man who hasn't been mellowed by marriage is more familiar to most of us, these days, than the willfulness of a horse without a headstall.’
    • ‘Make sure the headstall is properly adjusted for a long comfortable safe wear.’
  • 2

    another term for headpiece (sense 3)