Definition of headspring in US English:



  • 1A spring that is the main source of a stream.

    • ‘The headsprings of the Silver River are located within Silver Springs Theme Park.’
    • ‘The exacting task of tracing the course of the Potomac to its headspring was undertaken by William Mayo and Robert Brooke acting for the Crown, and Benjamin Winslow and John Savage acting for Lord Fairfax.’
    • ‘Beth hangs aside at the headsprings, under the ‘No-No’ sign.’
    • ‘Often, if a small area around the headspring is carefully managed, downstream flows may then be utilized for other purposes.’
    • ‘The Rainbow River is 5.6 miles long, flowing from the headsprings in the State Park into the Withlacoochee River.’
    • ‘Rainbow Springs is one of Florida's 33 first magnitude springs, with up to 685 million gallons of water flowing daily from the headsprings forming the Rainbow River.’
    • ‘The trip from the headsprings is much shorter.’
    • ‘The first three miles of the river course are located in Wakulla Springs State Park and inaccessible to the public with the exception of a guided riverboat tour near the headspring.’
    • ‘Now this main headspring is one of the safest cavern dives in Florida.’
    • ‘The current is very slow near the headsprings so it is easy to just drift along and watch the banks.’
    • ‘Finally, on September 25th, they began to run a trial line to connect the headspring of the Rappahannock River with the headspring of the Potomac River.’
    • ‘This park has two separate areas, one at the headsprings which used to be the site of an old tourist attraction and is day use only.’
    • ‘On March 13, 2006, Mary and I visited the Rainbow Springs State Park, which features the headsprings of the Rainbow River.’
    • ‘Headspring Water is pumped from the headspring 350 meters away from the hotel and transferred to the hotel.’
    • ‘The creek flows from its headsprings near Clarks Creek Park, through the city of Puyallup, including Clarks Creek and Decoursey Parks, to the river.’
    source, origin, well head, headwater, headwaters
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  • 2A somersault similar to a handspring, except that the performer lands on the head as well as the hands.

    • ‘My brother performed a nervous headspring, but the ‘spotter’, supposed to support his shoulder, lower back, and assist the rotation, had moved out of the way.’
    • ‘Back headsprings are one of the scariest moves I know.’
    • ‘During one of his first PE lessons the (rugby loving) head of games was teaching the class the spotters' role during headsprings.’
    • ‘You do a cool move on a floor: a standing back headspring.’
    • ‘It differs from the headspring and handspring in that in the beginning stages the performer will start from a lying-down position.’