Definition of headscarf in US English:



  • A square of fabric worn as a covering for the head, often folded into a triangle and knotted under the chin.

    • ‘The audience at a women's meeting last Thursday in a Baghdad hotel wore all manner of clothes, from Western style to headscarves and long shawls.’
    • ‘Most women wear headscarves, fewer wear veils, and many, especially in cities, are bareheaded and wear western clothes.’
    • ‘Women wrapped in veils and headscarves and men in long robes mingled in the shops alongside boys and girls in jeans.’
    • ‘This was not an invitation to discuss aesthetics, but an argument for women wearing the Islamic headscarf known as the hijab.’
    • ‘The dyed threads are then used for weaving sarees, headscarves and fabrics.’
    • ‘They wear gleaming white robes with white headscarves twirled tight and wide around their heads.’
    • ‘At the Sunday Bazaar we saw women in veils and headscarves shopping with family members.’
    • ‘Supplies were hard to come by and she had to wear the burqa in the streets and a headscarf and veil while operating.’
    • ‘In Athens she will wear a headscarf and tracksuit pants when she runs; she has no wish to provoke or antagonise.’
    • ‘Most of the female guests wore, as did the bride, a headscarf or face-covering veil.’
    • ‘The ‘ex-midwife’ was always a large, comfortable woman with curlers in her hair and a headscarf and apron.’
    • ‘I guess the stereotype would have been a strapping man dressed in robes, wearing a headscarf or turban with a long black beard.’
    • ‘Still, the Muslim headscarf, or hijab, that I wear makes me feel as if I am under a microscope.’
    • ‘Even their clothes are more vibrant - they wear colourful sarongs and headscarves, while the men favour western T-shirts and trousers.’
    • ‘It is a sombre painting with the only bright colour provided by the clergymen's vestments and by the headscarves of the women.’
    • ‘Also staff dressed in tunics, sarongs, and silk headscarves.’
    • ‘On their heads, they wore white knitted skullcaps, silken headscarves or baseball caps.’
    • ‘My own preference is a long black dress and a white headscarf - I have never worn a burqa in my life.’
    • ‘The headscarf, or hijab, worn by many Muslim girls and women has become an object of controversy in recent months.’
    • ‘The team also have no intention of swapping their headscarves for the traditional hats and balaclavas.’