Definition of heads will roll in US English:

heads will roll


  • People will be dismissed or forced to resign.

    • ‘Let the garbage pile up for a couple weeks at single-family homes in tonier parts of town, though, and heads will roll.’
    • ‘And as Eric said, a lot of heads will roll if we make another mistake.’
    • ‘It is expected that a number of heads will roll within the bank when his report is completed but the identities and numbers to be fired still remain very much a matter for speculation.’
    • ‘And heads will roll for giving me wrong information.’
    • ‘I will be instigating some enquiries and some heads will roll.’
    • ‘Experience tells us that each time there is a party congress, heads will roll and purges will abound as intra-party struggle erupts.’
    • ‘I also hope heads will roll in the government for what's happened here this week.’
    • ‘I imagine heads will roll (but hopefully only figuratively).’
    • ‘I think it's inevitable that some heads will roll over this once we get this independent investigation going.’
    • ‘I am sure that heads will roll and fingers of disgrace will be pointed in the right direction but our country's future is at stake.’