Definition of headline-grabbing in US English:



  • Attracting prominent notice in the news.

    ‘a headline-grabbing tale of price-fixing’
    ‘headline-grabbing celebrity architects’
    • ‘Households are also fretting over the job outlook, after the headline-grabbing jump in the August unemployment rate.’
    • ‘What a pity that his actions seem limited to a crass, headline-grabbing response to mounting problems.’
    • ‘The first step is to make a headline-grabbing statement.’
    • ‘The region is likely to escape the headline-grabbing drops in property prices predicted for parts of southern England.’
    • ‘We decided to put the airlines to the test and, like many passengers, found the headline-grabbing prices elusive.’
    • ‘The headline-grabbing conclusion is drawn from exceedingly flimsy evidence.’
    • ‘The headline-grabbing story focuses on his concerns about drug-taking, joyriding, swearing and a host of other antisocial teenage activities.’
    • ‘Others may know the artist because of her headline-grabbing parents.’
    • ‘Making wild, headline-grabbing claims is neither productive nor fair.’
    • ‘Our suspicion is that this is just the latest in a long line of headline-grabbing exercises.’
    • ‘It was written to be an eye-catching, headline-grabbing report.’
    • ‘Banks lure in savers with headline-grabbing rates and then quietly cut rates once demand slackens off.’
    • ‘Some have accused the minister of majoring on headline-grabbing statements, interviews and press releases.’