Definition of headful in US English:



  • 1A quantity sufficient to cover the head.

    ‘a headful of tight curls’
    • ‘He was cute, with his headful of brown curls, goatee, and funny grin.’
    • ‘People mistake him for being 13 even though he's 16 and has a headful of gray hair.’
    • ‘He goes hatless for the first time, and we get to see that he is not bald, but has a headful of curly hair.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the texture challenged seem to dream of a headful of bodacious curls and waves.’
    • ‘Ashley Smith, 16, a sophomore with a headful of cherry-red braids, expressed similar sentiments: ‘A company running a school can only really teach you how to work for a corporation,’ she said.’
    • ‘Whatever the technique, Miranda's weaves result in headfuls of seamless fantasy locks in every conceivable hue.’
    • ‘Big, on the other hand, smoked cigars, drank Scotch, had the best one-liners and a headful of sleek black hair I was born to run my fingers through.’
    • ‘Celebrity stylist Oscar James created this headful of loose spirals.’
  • 2A great amount (of knowledge or information)

    ‘a headful of things to worry about’
    • ‘Finally, Fly's got a headful o' ideas and only 450 words/week to tell 'em to you.’
    • ‘He had studied in Cambridge and returned to his native Mongolia with a headful of methodology.’
    • ‘You remind me of another young roller I once knew, a roller with a golden arm and a headful of dreams.’
    • ‘He works hard at depicting the guileless young Dantes with a headful of notions about honour and duty, and you can tell he's working hard.’
    • ‘‘See ya, Jersey,’ he said, closing the door behind him as he left, leaving me with a headful of thoughts and, for once, a very happy smile on my face.’
    • ‘A youngster from a disturbingly troubled background, he was left to wander the woods near his home, armed with a gun and a headful of demonic thoughts.’
    • ‘And when they pick up the tempo a little, as they do on ‘Curse Curse Curse’, ‘Rockit’ and (to a lesser extent) the title track, it's a headful of pleasant noise. I like the individual songs, for the most part.’
    • ‘At the same time, those people who spend a lot of time studying democracy are not big deal either, because we cannot use a headful of democratic blueprint with some articles and clauses and expect it to be brought into existence.’
    • ‘I've got a headful of ideas, that are driving me insane.’
    • ‘Saul had that knack: an absolutely fearless little fighter, a headful of words and a voice like a whip.’
    • ‘As it transpired, the only thing that prevented him garnering a gold star and a headful of memories to treasure was himself.’