Definition of headed in US English:



  • 1in combination Having a head of a specified kind.

    ‘bald-headed men’
    ‘a seven-headed dragon’
    • ‘The three-headed hound of hell could not drag me away.’
    • ‘Fantasy books are filled with stories about two-headed dragons.’
    • ‘We ran into this small, dark-headed man who was packing up his gear.’
    • ‘The black-headed gulls are now in their winter plumage.’
    • ‘The small island was alive with wildlife: sloths, tapirs, and blue-headed parrots.’
    • ‘The shiny headed guy to his right looks like he might be reading the Daily News.’
    • ‘He works with a white headed vulture called Ethel.’
    • ‘We found ourselves before the opened door and a big, clean-shaven bald-headed man stepped lightly into the room.’
    • ‘The plesiosaurs were beginning to evolve into the familiar long-necked small-headed Plesiosauroidea.’
    • ‘The game wardens laid several charges against the men, including possession of 25 yellow-headed parrots and having caged birds in an undersized cage.’
    1. 1.1 Having an intellect or personality of a specified kind.
      ‘woolly-headed thinking’
      ‘she was always cool-headed’
      • ‘His depiction of his own family is both measured and clear-headed.’
      • ‘She is remarkably clear-headed and very honest.’
      • ‘She says that it suits her for people to see her as an empty-headed blonde.’
      • ‘Stop being so big-headed about yourself.’
      • ‘People looked on that as being conceited or being big-headed.’
      • ‘Some books, even empty-headed memoirs, cannot fail to sell.’
      • ‘He had always been a hard-headed man who was capable of holding his ground.’
      • ‘It is sometimes hard for a hot-headed player to keep his frustrations in check in the heat of the moment.’
      • ‘He will need to prove he is as tough as he is eloquent and as level-headed as he is inspiring.’
      • ‘The addle-headed mule wandered over to a stream to drink and I sailed down its neck.’
  • 2in combination Having a tip, end, or top part of a specified kind.

    ‘single-headed arrows’
    ‘short flat-headed nails’
    • ‘He whacked Ian's basket of bricks with the silver headed cane he always carried.’
    • ‘Plastic headed corkboard pins are ideal.’
    • ‘The soldier unleashed his dual-headed axe.’
    • ‘Hover over that area and the cursor will change to a four-headed arrow.’
    • ‘Insulation material can be fitted inside timber framed greenhouses by using woodpins or possibly large headed tacks.’
    • ‘In his hand he carried a double-headed cleaver.’
    • ‘I went for the flat-headed screws, but it shouldn't make much difference.’
    • ‘There's the usual fun with live jazz, good food, children's entertainment, and barrel after barrel of creamy-headed booze.’
    • ‘Tooth-brushing at least twice daily with a small headed, medium hardness brush will also help reduce decay if a fluoride toothpaste is used.’
    • ‘The tool is made up of a holder and a double headed blade.’
    1. 2.1 (of certain green vegetables) having the edible leafy part at the top of the stem.
      ‘headed cabbages’
      • ‘Kale is the more primitive of the two, and was the ordinary green stuff of country people in most parts of Europe until the end of the Middle Ages, when the headed cabbages were bred.’
      • ‘The new, headed cabbage is now thought to have evolved in Northern Europe.’
      • ‘One curious survivor from the early days of headed cabbages is the enormously tall Jersey or walking stick cabbage, whose stem is as high as a man and has been recorded as reaching 5 metres.’
      • ‘It was not until well into the Middle Ages that headed cabbages spread throughout Europe to supplement the staple ' colewort ' or kale.’
      • ‘At some time in the 1st century BC, the first headed cabbages appeared.’
  • 3in combination Having a particular person in charge; having a director or leader.

    ‘female-headed households’
    • ‘The travel agency features vacation packages for gay and lesbian-headed families.’
    • ‘An increasing number of female headed households are at risk of poverty.’
    • ‘Both sides insist a double-headed leadership is quite possible.’
    • ‘"There has been a significant drop in the proportion of lone-parent headed households defined as poor since 1997 but there has been a rise amongst families headed by couples," he said.’
    • ‘A larger proportion of single-women headed families suffered in the housing market.’
    • ‘It's been more than eight years it was a double-headed programme.’
    • ‘Focus groups were selected for certain shared characteristics, such as female-headed households.’
    • ‘Single male-headed households typically result from the death of the female spouse.’
    • ‘As a result of war, sanctions, and men migrating to get jobs, there are enormous numbers of women - headed households.’
    • ‘The charity helps persons who are aged, disabled or chronically ill, from single-headed households, and others genuinely unable to assist themselves.’
  • 4(of paper) having a printed heading, typically the name and address of a person or organization.

    ‘headed notepaper’
    • ‘Details show that £463,000 has been spent since 2004 on headed paper, envelopes, and business cards.’
    • ‘His written statement, on the headed memorandum paper of his solicitors, stated that Mr Ball had said in writing that they were no longer able to meet their liabilities.’
    • ‘This contract should replicate what you have signed on the standard disclosure, except that you would expect it to be printed on the headed paper of the product provider you have chosen.’
    • ‘It is perhaps instructive to note that a copy of the signed letter was sent the same day on headed fax paper.’
    • ‘Headed notepaper and other stationery items will be changed as supplies run out and so there should be no additional cost to the council.’
    • ‘I have received private complaints on government-headed paper.’
    • ‘Letters from children receive special attention from the lady in waiting who signs the response, written on headed notepaper, on the Queen's behalf.’
    • ‘My street has recently received a headed letter from a council enforcement officer, tersely quoting the law about fly-tipping.’
    • ‘They should be given access to resources such as headed notepaper, provision of stationery and photocopying facilities, library facilities, e-mail, and access to a telephone.’
    • ‘They are little sketches of people or animals that he produced on the back of invoices or on the headed notepaper of his shop, to amuse his two youngest children.’