Definition of head tax in US English:

head tax


  • A uniform tax imposed on each person.

    ‘a 50 cent head tax imposed on departing ferry passengers’
    • ‘A whole or head tax is a tax levied on individual simply because he exists.’
    • ‘Although exempt from the usual head tax, or taille, religious communities were subject to a duty on property purchases known as the amortissement so as to compensate for the property's removal from the tax rolls.’
    • ‘As much as $24 million was collected in head taxes, and in 1984 members of the Chinese Canadian community asked the federal government for the money to be given back with an apology.’
    • ‘The sudden U.S. imposition of decrees prohibiting slavery, imposing a head tax, overhauling the legal code, and banning weapons goaded many Moros into violent opposition.’
    • ‘In essence, we were debating whether to levy head taxes and user fees for household garbage.’
    • ‘At the village level, the government is represented by an appointed ‘chief’ approved by the government whose main role is to represent the villagers and enforce laws such as the annual head tax imposed on males.’
    • ‘A head tax of $50 to $500 was imposed from 1885 to 1923 by the Canadian government in order to restrict the number of Chinese immigrants entering Canada.’
    • ‘The xenophobic attitudes that gave rise to the Chinese Exclusion Act and the head tax occurred within a colonial context that privileged British migrants.’
    • ‘My colleague in Seattle has written up an interesting feature about a head tax the Canadian government levied on Chinese immigrants entering the country between 1885 and 1923.’
    • ‘Both, he said, were borrowed from Australia, which was the first to impose a head tax on Chinese immigrants, but soon abolished it.’
    • ‘And consumption taxes are - at least compared to poll taxes or head taxes, where every adult pays the same amount - quite progressive.’
    • ‘Whittier, Alaska Whittier was the original turnaround point for Gulf of Alaska cruises, but all the big ships left in the early 1990s after the city passed one of Alaska's first head taxes on cruise passengers.’
    • ‘At issue is a head tax imposed on Chinese immigrants to Canada between 1882 and 1924.’
    • ‘The least harmful tax is a head tax or equal tax: a flat fee low enough for even the poorest to pay.’
    • ‘And descendants of 82,000 Chinese Canadian immigrants, who paid $23-million in head taxes 100 years ago are threatening to ‘embarrass’ Canada at the meeting.’
    • ‘The serf also paid a variety of dues to the lord: the annual capitation or head tax (literally, a tax on existence), the taille (a tax on the serf's property), and the heriot (an inheritance tax).’