Definition of head gasket in English:

head gasket


  • The gasket that fits between the cylinder head and the cylinders or cylinder block in an internal combustion engine.

    • ‘After only four laps of the opening session on Friday, the engine blew a head gasket sidelining them for the rest of the day, meaning he missed the first timed qualifying session.’
    • ‘A ground strap bolted to the engine block may not do the job; head gaskets, silicon, and bolt sealer can electrically insulate the cylinder heads from ground.’
    • ‘I changed the head gasket myself, following the instructions in the manual, parked on St Kilda esplanade.’
    • ‘One application for Dana is the combination of its low-tech cylinder head gaskets with state-of-the-art sensors to create ‘smart’ gaskets capable of monitoring engine temperature.’
    • ‘It was trashed within a year after he went through five head gaskets.’
    • ‘To this day I'm grateful to Johnny D for teaching me about head gaskets and timing belts.’
    • ‘Even if you don't need to know this now, the day you take your car in for an oil change and a mechanic tells you your head gasket needs replaced, you'll thank me.’
    • ‘This happens when the head gasket was not able to seal coolant passages, allowing it to enter the cylinder where it is turned into vapor as the engine burns the air and fuel mixture.’
    • ‘If a $4 cylinder head gasket blows, it costs the customer $1,000 in engine repairs.’
    • ‘The extra rpm from the spinning tires caused dropped cylinders and a burned head gasket.’
    • ‘The thickness of the wristpin walls has to be increased, and the head gaskets have to be supplemented with wire O-rings.’
    • ‘The block is modified to accept stainless steel O-rings and a copper head gasket, which are better able to stand up to internal pressure.’
    • ‘The garage fixed it again but now the head gasket has gone after just 69,000 miles and only 2,000 miles since the initial problem.’
    • ‘She blew a head gasket last weekend but once I get that fixed and buy my new blower motor she's gonna be running 7 second quarters.’
    • ‘Cylinder head gaskets are expensive and the V6 chews through them like so much gum.’
    • ‘The latter regulates coolant flow through an electronic water pump and multiport proportional flow control valve, and draws information from sensors embedded in the head gasket.’
    • ‘Then the head gasket failed at 80,000 miles on a vehicle that had all the required maintenance outlined in the owner's manual.’
    • ‘The package will include everything north of the head gasket, except the rocker cover.’
    • ‘Then, with the engine happy, any further changes for more or less power are accomplished by adjusting the thickness of the copper head gaskets in increments as small as two- or three-thousandths of an inch.’
    • ‘‘Months of planning and training almost came undone when our primary transport vehicle blew a head gasket the week before,’ they said.’