Definition of head first in English:

head first

adjective & adverb

  • 1With the head in front of the rest of the body.

    [as adverb] ‘she dived head first into the water’
    [as attributive adjective] ‘a head-first slide’
    • ‘Pour the dough in the pan, and resist the urge to just dive head first into the pool.’
    • ‘The performer toppled head first down a staircase in front of the packed theatre before police rushed to his aid.’
    • ‘And then Gloria Abrams, Robby's agent's assistant, dove in head first and swam her way to the bottom of the pool.’
    • ‘Besides the men against the windows, particularly notable moments included the women diving head first into pews and sliding down handrails.’
    • ‘She raised her hands in the air and cart wheeled head first before twisting her body end over end in backflip after backflip.’
    • ‘She dove head first into the grass and slid a few feet.’
    • ‘If there had been a hole in front of her, Diana would have gladly dived in head first and dragged Jack in behind her.’
    • ‘The day goes on, with Dax getting sunburned, Dude wiping out onto the beach head first, and the rest of the group having its general fun in the sun.’
    • ‘Sarah screamed as she tumbled head first the rest of the way down the steps.’
    • ‘It took one almighty buck, shook every bone in my body, and then it stumbled sending me head first into the dirt.’
    head foremost, headlong, on one's head
    head foremost, headlong, on one's head
    head foremost, headlong, on one's head
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    1. 1.1Without sufficient forethought.
      • ‘Resist the urge to dive head first into too many school activities until you've tested the waters.’
      • ‘If my future profession could involve such pleasurable antics I would jump in head first.’
      • ‘She said she was new to this whole writing business, having worked as a social worker for the past decade, and was ready to dive in head first.’
      • ‘The hardest times is lazy Sunday afternoons when I want nothing more than to dive head first into a game.’
      • ‘Apparently, Katherine dove in head first and told Jake that she was in love with him.’
      • ‘To dive head first into globalisation without taking the trouble to put order in the house is a recipe for disaster.’
      • ‘Directors accept challenges, take authority, and go head first into solving problems.’
      • ‘He could have continued to grow slowly and safely, but instead he dove in head first, and came out with a fantastic album that ought to put him on the map.’
      • ‘So come year 7 and I jumped head first into a new environment, new school, new uniform, and no girls.’
      • ‘He was a nice, gentleman, but she was hurt by a supposed gentleman before and wasn't ready to dive head first into that again.’


head first