Definition of head cold in US English:

head cold


  • A common cold characterized by congested nasal passages, sneezing, and headache.

    • ‘I'd been suffering from a mild head cold all week and after five days of suffering had finally decided to take action.’
    • ‘If you have a head cold with congestion, a helpful tea to clear the nasal passages can be made from equal parts of elder flowers, eyebright and fenugreek seed.’
    • ‘Polls are opened until midnight, but because I am suffering from a head cold and ear infection right now, I most likely won't be shutting the poll down until the morning.’
    • ‘In a separate analysis, the researchers found that the virus also cropped up in 15 percent of samples from children with upper-respiratory infections, akin to head colds, who had tested negative for viral infections.’
    • ‘If any of the lads are sick, even with minor head colds, the first thing they do is ring the doctor to see what they can or cannot take.’
    • ‘When we think of what changes in our ancestors gave rise to Homo sapiens, the genetics of fertilization and head colds may not pop to the top of the list.’
    • ‘If you insist on training at the gym with a head cold, remember to cover your mouth when you sneeze and then wash your hands before you touch anything.’
    • ‘My only problem, I had a slight head cold for a couple of days, Larry.’
    • ‘Before that, I frequently had head colds or bronchitis after traveling by air.’
    • ‘Well, just as I enter an incredibly intense two weeks at work, I get a head cold which appears to also have the odd symptom of completely disrupting my sleep schedule.’
    • ‘I apologize for the paucity of posts recently, but lately I've been fighting a bad head cold, taking care of a child with a bad head cold and trying to meet some work-related deadlines.’
    • ‘A head cold hit me like an anvil last week, and that usually means I'm going to feel too dopey or muddled to write a review.’
    • ‘We thought it inevitable that this astonishing legal interlude would end within a few hours, leaving us stranded with nothing but a head cold after waiting outside City Hall in the rain for hours.’
    • ‘A nasty head cold, a trip to the dentist, and preparations for Melissa's birthday dinner tomorrow night all have me a bit too busy to blog today.’
    • ‘The first track by the director and editor is rather interesting (both have head colds, so they sound very congested).’
    • ‘His other job at the moment is getting over a nasty head cold.’
    • ‘I'd dazzle you with some fancy footwork, but not only did I spend far too much time following the mid-term elections, I've taken full possession of my Toddler's head cold.’
    • ‘The warming effect of mint is celebrated for clearing congested head colds.’
    • ‘Crush some black mustard seeds and cover in hot water for a healing foot bath that's effective against athlete's foot and poor circulation and which gives relief from severe migraines, headaches or head colds.’
    • ‘The head cold I predicted last Monday hit me on Tuesday and was followed closely by exhaustion on Wednesday and a temperature on Thursday.’