Definition of head-to-head in US English:


adverb & adjective

  • Involving two parties confronting each other.

    as adjective ‘a head-to-head battle with discounters’
    • ‘Deathmatch is exactly that, a head-to-head battle where the object is to destroy your opponents as many times as you can.’
    • ‘Impresarios are for opera, theatre and the circus, where you do not have to confront your rivals head-to-head.’
    • ‘But the duo kicked again on the final lap to take an absorbing head-to-head battle down to the wire.’
    • ‘They can be glossed over in a speech, but not so in America's gruelling tradition of head-to-head TV debates.’
    • ‘The brothers had only one chance to meet in head-to-head NHL competition.’
    • ‘He had run a great race, and thrilled the spectators by giving them a real head-to-head battle of wits to enjoy.’
    • ‘It is expected to spark the biggest head-to-head newspaper battle in Ireland for decades.’
    • ‘Players go head-to-head attempting to build structures that are tall enough or extend far enough to throw a shadow over the flag first.’
    • ‘The setup is head-to-head knockouts until one boat is the champion.’
    • ‘For the first time in many years, we may be about to see a similar head-to-head battle played out in National Hunt racing.’
    • ‘Edinburgh's international festival is now engaged in a head-to-head battle with the hyper-inflated fringe.’
    • ‘Based on head-to-head play, Ile des Chenes had earned first place and a bye into the final.’
    • ‘Is it more of a head-to-head battle, or is there an obstacle course?’
    • ‘It's head-to-head combat, and neither of you has any intentions of waving that white flag of surrender.’
    • ‘They avoided head-to-head comparison of their products by making them all just a little bit different: a good idea badly exploited.’
    • ‘The Conservatives, however, convincingly beat them in head-to-head battles.’
    • ‘It expects to win almost every head-to-head ratings battle, and its advertisers and viewers expect the same.’
    • ‘It's kind of weird how King of the Road is a head-to-head battle with other teams and skaters that are your friends.’
    • ‘One key component of this is the undermining of the fact-based, forensic, head-to-head interview with those in power and those who seek it.’
    • ‘Over the next three weeks this head-to-head debate will be repeated in a series of private party hustings across the country.’


  • A conversation, confrontation, or contest between two parties.

    • ‘Closer than any combination of Old Firm managers have ever been, their head-to-heads will be one of the more fascinating aspects of next season.’
    • ‘Today's head-to-heads are truly mouth-watering, with champions in every quarter, just eight to emerge for Sunday.’
    • ‘As the very top clubs continue to pull away from the rest in terms of resources, head-to-heads between them have become increasingly central to the outcome of title races in recent years.’
    • ‘You know, unless you have a real contest, a head-to-head, there's nothing to report.’
    • ‘Coria leads the head-to-head with Moya at 4-2, having won the last four matches.’
    • ‘The head-to-heads between the pair will determine who heads out.’
    • ‘A goal which seemed eminently achievable was allowed to slip away late yesterday afternoon, and this morning the sides will be locked at eight points apiece when the head-to-heads commence.’
    • ‘The candidate with the lowest number of votes will drop out, before another vote reduces the race down to a straight head-to-head.’
    • ‘The World Championships has also produced some memorable head-to-heads.’
    • ‘A man who has scored six goals in the four previous head-to-heads with his former Leith employers this term, the midfielder thrives on the attention.’
    • ‘I don't think the title race will come down to head-to-heads such as yesterday's or the Old Firm encounters.’
    • ‘Uruguay won the World Cup twice in the first half of the 20th century, and in their overall head-to-heads with England have four victories to England's two.’
    • ‘Pakistan won the last encounter, at the Asia Cup in Bangladesh in June 2000, but India leads in head-to-heads.’
    • ‘In short, the session broke down into a prolonged head-to-head between me and the teacher.’
    • ‘It was a contest that had become a no-contest, a head-to-head in which one team was head and shoulders above the other.’
    • ‘It means that the head-to-heads with Norway, which would initially be used to separate the nations in the event of a tie on points, have finished 2-2 on aggregate.’
    • ‘‘The team has played many times way beyond its capabilities,’ he said, reflecting on four seasons of battles that have seen the Gunners win just two of seven head-to-heads.’
    • ‘Hey, at least Scotland can hold their heads up in head-to-heads with the Dutch.’
    • ‘In the three head-to-heads between the clubs since, Rangers have won one, and the other two have been drawn.’
    • ‘The ongoing head-to-head cannot be allowed to continue, he added.’
    discussion, talk, chat, gossip, tête-à-tête, heart-to-heart, exchange, dialogue, parley, consultation, conference
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/ˈˌhed tə ˈhed//ˈˌhɛd tə ˈhɛd/