Definition of he-man in English:



  • A well-built, muscular man, especially one who is ostentatiously so.

    • ‘This Hulk exhibits other traits rarely associated with the masculine he-men of the comic book/action genre.’
    • ‘Can't you see the spit forming on the sides of their conspicuously large frames, in cosmic irony of the fact that they clearly look like their moms but act like sadistic he-men?’
    • ‘I then solicited help from my weightlifting, he-man neighbor Phil, and we soon had the 176 lb bulky beast properly positioned in the entertainment unit.’
    • ‘Twisting he-men disport around the thick trunk of a phallic tree.’
    • ‘I would walk into meetings with studio executives, and their jaws would drop about the fact that I'm clearly not a he-man, I make no bones about being anything but gay, and my personal interests are sort of arty.’
    • ‘Scott wasn't one of those he-men who showed no pain, but neither did he want the doctors to prescribe too heavy of a dosage of pain medication.’
    • ‘It's a sobriquet that conjures up visions of rich but not-very-fit middle-aged men hauling on very large fishing rods and imagining they're Ernest Hemingway, the ultimate he-man.’
    • ‘While it may not be as nippy or as thrilling as the 911, the car has a he-man feel on the road that I like.’
    • ‘I invented a world for myself, populated it with strong futuristic he-men, and my imaginings took over my life.’
    • ‘God, are you two he-men done beating your chests at each other?’
    • ‘I feel the need to indulge in some macho pursuits, get in touch with my he-man side again.’
    • ‘Why are these hulking he-men hiding behind their lawyer's coattails?’
    • ‘You gave yourself away with all your he-man posturing and strident super-patriotism.’
    • ‘The 20-year-old student teacher was about as far away from being a heavyweight he-man as it is possible to imagine.’
    • ‘Then there were the really rich he-men actually owning and shooting .357 Magnum revolvers.’
    • ‘Significantly, it was a he-man tackle on South Africa's flanker that gave him most pleasure from that game - as if to disprove any doubts concerning his physical durability.’
    • ‘They can range from I-work-with-bricks-and-steel-and-you-don't macho he-men on one end of the spectrum to the pompous, condescending windbags affecting Wrightian capes and walking sticks on the other.’
    • ‘The hand-made clothes, beautifully tailored, are not exactly a he-man pursuit.’
    • ‘But the he-men manage to play hockey until 1 a.m. and then go and drink beer.’
    • ‘If you talk like a Texan, you are a two-fisted he-man who knows life's hardships and are ready to scrap at a moment's notice.’
    muscleman, strongman, macho, macho man, iron man, hercules, atlas, samson, tarzan
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/ˈhē ˌman//ˈhi ˌmæn/