Definition of hazel grouse in US English:

hazel grouse


  • A small Eurasian woodland grouse with mainly grayish plumage.

    Bonasa bonasia, family Tetraonidae (or Phasianidae)

    • ‘Jays, woodpeckers, hawks, hazel grouses, partridges: all these birds can be met here.’
    • ‘Then you can hunt for capercaillies, black grouses, hazel grouses and willow grouses.’
    • ‘This was followed by breast of hazel grouse with Madeira sauce.’
    • ‘There are plenty of hazel grouses and rabbits all over the territory.’
    • ‘Twenty-six hazel grouse were radio-tracked and he got good results on their winter social behaviour.’
    • ‘Further south are vast forests where hazel grouse and capercaillie occur.’
    • ‘There are wood grouses, black grouses, hazel grouses, partridges, nutcrackers, and others.’
    • ‘The mountain is inhabited by various wild birds such as black grouses, owls, woodpeckers, and hazel grouses.’
    • ‘Among hunting species are wood grouses, hazel grouses, black grouses, ptarmigans and ducks.’
    • ‘Pheasants, wild pigeons and hazel grouses live in the woods, and are never disturbed at the sight of humans.’
    • ‘The afternoon is dedicated to the traditional shooting of turtle-doves and hazel grouses.’
    • ‘The hazel grouse is at risk of being renamed once again.’
    • ‘Eight individuals of hazel grouse were captured and they were marked with a transmitter.’
    • ‘Wood grouses, hazel grouses and black cocks are attracted by cedars.’
    • ‘The hazel grouse is found in northern Europe.’