Definition of hazard light in US English:

hazard light


  • Each of a pair of flashing lights on a vehicle, warning that it is stationary or unexpectedly slowing down or reversing.

    • ‘The vehicle had its hazard warning lights on and she saw a man standing in the road waving his arms as if he was in distress.’
    • ‘Heavy traffic on the motorway had been reduced to a crawl and he switched on his hazard lights to warn drivers behind him.’
    • ‘The hazard warning lights automatically come on when braking heavily at speeds in excess of 30 mph.’
    • ‘If the driver brakes hard or decelerates suddenly, hazard lights will switch on automatically to alert other road users.’
    • ‘The car's hazard warning lights automatically switch on with sudden braking or in a collision.’
    • ‘My friend calmly switched on the hazard lights and proceeded in getting out of his car to check his engine.’
    • ‘I looked at Mom through the mirror to see if she wanted me to put on my hazard lights and pull over until the storm calmed.’
    • ‘Drive slowly and use your hazard lights.’
    • ‘As a lorry stopped short of the crash scene, flashing its hazard lights, a silver Peugeot car ran into the back of it.’
    • ‘I was driving down El Camino Real when I saw a broken down tour bus pulled over on the side of the road, hazard lights flashing.’
    • ‘He even managed to activate the hazard lights and windscreen wipers.’
    • ‘The safety equipment list includes anti-lock braking, automatic hazard warning lights, and stability and traction control.’
    • ‘He had switched on the hazard lights of the yellow removal van, while his passenger had got out and waved a warning to oncoming vehicles.’
    • ‘Th panic button sets off a siren and causes the hazard lights to flash.’
    • ‘He switched off the hazard lights, looked briefly over his shoulder and started up again.’
    • ‘Just look for the tractor trailer with its hazard lights flashing, parked in the middle of the street.’
    • ‘He ploughed into a yellow lorry that was showing hazard lights, despite a man clearly waving to warn traffic of the danger ahead.’
    • ‘Thieves made a getaway with tyres and hazard lights.’
    • ‘The officer was unable to explain why he failed to see the hazard warning lights of the stationary cars.’
    • ‘He crept along with the hazard lights blinking.’