Definition of haylage in US English:



  • Silage made from grass which has been partially dried.

    • ‘Often it is better to harvest alfalfa as haylage in October.’
    • ‘At this time of year, you'll have bought or be buying in hay or haylage.’
    • ‘Using the bags, De Vries can make sure the lower protein haylage goes to the less productive cows or heifers.’
    • ‘In total, equipment would be required for 5,000 acres: 2,500 for haylage and 2,500 acres for corn.’
    • ‘Other house fly breeding areas include feed storage areas, the drainage area of haylage or silage piles, and any other places where spilled feed or manure accumulations are allowed to become moist.’
    • ‘Gerry favors a high forage diet, preferring baled hay and haylage over corn silage, and says that the cows require no additional protein.’
    • ‘Over the years the Griffiths have struggled to perfect a feeding system, moving from small square bales, to big round bale haylage for the roughage portion of their feed supply.’
    • ‘In all cases add roughage in the form of straw, hay or haylage.’
    • ‘Orchardgrass and alfalfa haylage were used in one cow trial, and orchardgrass was used in two additional trials.’
    • ‘He tries to make as little hay as possible, preferring to stockpile grass and make haylage.’


1960s: blend of hay and silage.