Definition of hayfield in US English:



  • A field where hay is being or is to be made.

    • ‘They had hayfields for the cows, in addition to forestland.’
    • ‘She works to protect hayfields, hedgerows, streams, dew ponds, and their wildlife.’
    • ‘Someday our little five-acre homestead, currently surrounded by forests and hayfields, will be another victim of sprawl.’
    • ‘I haven't seen much besides hayfields, pasture and several horses for some miles.’
    • ‘He had ninety-six acres to leave to his three sons, including hayfields in thirty-seven locations, from salt marsh to upland fields.’
    • ‘The castle stood on the point of a hill and sloping down on all sides were verdant hayfields, olive groves, vegetable gardens, fruit orchards, and vineyards.’
    • ‘The track was gaining definition once again, and the fields around could be construed to be hayfields, instead of wild prairie.’
    • ‘Generally, country air always seemed fresher, more alive, with the aromas of hayfields and wild flowers or the ranker odor of newly fertilized fields.’
    • ‘She had a fine work ethic whether it be in the home, on the bog, in the hayfields or harvesting the crops.’
    • ‘He selected an area that was well isolated from his neighbors, bordered by woods on three sides and on the fourth side by his own hayfield.’
    • ‘She combined wildflowers that grow on arable land with wildflowers that grow in hayfields.’
    • ‘Land use in the Eastern Great Lakes and Hudson Lowlands ecoregion is primarily agricultural, consisting of dairy farms, row crops, and hayfields.’
    • ‘Former hayfields are now either used as pastures, which limits flowering, or are abandoned, leading to habitat closure.’
    • ‘It was high enough to be a hayfield except where some farm animal had grazed.’
    • ‘Right across Berkshire, the combine harvesters are out forging their paths up and down, along and across the hayfields.’
    • ‘They document the abandoned mining towns that have disappeared, and the new suburban developments engulfing old hayfields.’
    • ‘The bird relies on nearby hayfields to find seeds to feed its young and over the past two or three decades many have disappeared.’
    • ‘There are wheatfields and hayfields here, corn and sunflowers, and where the land rises, range-land.’
    • ‘Much of the land was intensely cultivated, a dry quiltwork of barley fields and hayfields and pastures shorn down to the dirt by goats and sheep.’
    • ‘The early sun spread over the slopes ahead of them, coloring the mists and shadowing the hayfields.’