Definition of hawser-laid in English:



  • 1

    another term for cable-laid
    • ‘Cable-laid line usually consists of three right-hand, hawser-laid lines twisted together in a left-hand direction.’
  • 2historical Denoting the ordinary type of rope commonly used in ships’ rigging, typically made of three left-handed strands twisted together right-handed.

    • ‘On a ship, coils in hawser-laid rope are always formed clockwise.’
    • ‘This Standard specifies manufacturing and performance requirements for three-strand hawser-laid and eight-strand plaited rope.’
    • ‘Manila hawser-laid rope is supplied to the Royal Navy in coils of 120 fathoms.’
    • ‘We greeted the arrival of more locals carrying hawser-laid rope with a mixture of excitement and trepidation.’
    • ‘Above the upper deck the ship is very traditional, except that all the rope is either wire or hawser-laid nylon.’