Definition of hawsehole in US English:



  • A hole in the deck of a ship through which an anchor cable passes.

    • ‘Nick is determined to reinstall the last few gleaming hawsehole surrounds.’
    • ‘The aesthetic benefit of bulwarks derives from the scuppers and hawseholes cut into them.’
    • ‘The ship's hawseholes shot water out the sides like fire-hydrants.’
    • ‘Cut out the hullsides and make the hawseholes at the bow.’
    • ‘The hawseholes through which the huge anchor chains had once clanged are overgrown with thick layers of red and white sponges.’
    • ‘The bow anchors are nice and secure in their hawseholes.’
    • ‘The ocean geysers through a two-foot hawsehole as the ship buries its bows in the base of a wave.’
    • ‘From her pedestal descend branches of gold, which also encircle the hawsehole.’
    • ‘When its value was proven aboard the giant rigs, it was scaled down for use aboard smaller craft where its lack of moving parts and stockless design makes it easy to stow in a bow hawsehole.’
    • ‘Their two friends came down with food and drink, and the smell of sea coming in through the hawseholes in the bow was like an elixir of freedom.’
    • ‘But the frigate rallied and righted while the sea streamed below decks, though her hatches were laid and her hawseholes bagged.’
    • ‘Repairs to the port and starboard side hawseholes were completed so that the ship could be moved in the event of a storm.’
    • ‘Just nearby is a huge anchor, hanging from the hawsehole.’
    • ‘She spent much of the day patrolling the decks and peeking through the hawseholes at passers-by.’
    • ‘The model includes the main hawseholes by the fore and aft ends of the well deck and the one on the bow.’
    • ‘Spring and stern cleats hide under the gunwales with hawseholes above, and the transom also boasts a sink and rigging station and tuna door.’
    • ‘Spring cleats are out of the way beneath stainless-rimmed hawseholes and, like the aft cleats, are the beefy version of eight-inchers.’
    • ‘Apart from the anchor locker's lack of a hawsehole and the too-low railings, we couldn't find much to quibble about.’
    • ‘We found the cable cut about two fathoms from the hawsehole.’
    • ‘The owner was extremely pleased with the boat's handling, performance and soft ride, despite seeing water flowing through the hawseholes during some particularly rough sections of the trip home.’