Definition of hawksbeard in US English:


(also hawk's beard)


  • A plant of the daisy family which resembles a dandelion but has a branched stem with several flowers.

    Genus Crepis, family Compositae: several species, including the western hawksbeard (C. occidentalis), found in the rocky areas of the western and southwestern US, and the slender hawksbeard (C. atribarba), found in the open areas of western North America

    • ‘You'll find this most common of the hawksbeards ranging anywhere from a few inches to several feet in height.’
    • ‘Asiatic false hawksbeard is found from Pennsylvania to Texas and all states southeast, as well as Hawaii.’
    • ‘Hawksbeard is more likely to be found in crops and gardens.’
    • ‘Tapertip hawksbeard is an important food source for sage-grouse.’
    • ‘Most dandelions had retreated, but in a several places dandelion lookalikes - hawksbeards, hawkweeds and wild lettuce - were still much in evidence.’