Definition of hawk eagle in US English:

hawk eagle


  • A small tropical eagle with broad wings and a long tail, and typically a crest.

    Genera Spizaetus and Spizastur, family Accipitridae: several species

    • ‘Black hawk eagles are black overall in color, but have a bushy crest with white feathers.’
    • ‘Most mountain hawk eagle lay three eggs, and defend the young throughout the development into adults.’
    • ‘A total of 135 passengers were reportedly aboard an EVA Airways flight from Bangkok to Vienna the night of Oct. 17 with the Thai man who carried two mountain hawk eagles in his hand luggage.’
    • ‘My dream trip is night hawk-hunting for spring hare with African hawk eagles in Zimbabwe.’
    • ‘In their book they write that the hawk eagles are fond of visiting open forest areas.’
    • ‘Hodgson's hawk eagles and golden eagles are used for hunting bigger birds, rabbits, or even young deer.’
    • ‘Often one hawk eagle will perch on the ‘perimeter’ some 200m from the nest.’
    • ‘Each spring, plants begin to bud and birds of prey such as golden eagles and mountain hawk eagles are propagating.’