Definition of hawk-nosed in US English:



  • (of a person) having a nose which is curved like a hawk's beak.

    • ‘He studied the uncontrolled panic on his pale, hawk-nosed face.’
    • ‘The maître d', a hawk-nosed man with an authentic-sounding snooty French accent, stopped them as they came in and asked if they had reservations.’
    • ‘When he sneaked a glimpse of his body in a fly-spotted mirror, Sam saw a hawk-nosed, dusty-haired, broad-shouldered man in his early sixties.’
    • ‘The hawk-nosed designer narrowed his eyes darkly at the boorish interruption.’
    • ‘At first I often worked with Sveta, a young, slender, hawk-nosed interpreter.’
    • ‘This is how the dwarfish, hawk-nosed Georgina came to be in the company of a beefy police lieutenant.’