Definition of hawfinch in US English:



  • A large Old World finch with a massive bill for cracking open cherry stones and other hard seeds.

    Genus Coccothraustes, family Fringillidae: three species, in particular the widespread C. coccothraustes

    • ‘Woodland species such as Hawfinch and Crossbill are much easier to locate in the foliage-less trees.’
    • ‘Where I see Hawfinches they become more visible from early afternoon in the tops of trees - often Beech or Hornbeam. Listen out for the loud ticking call.’
    • ‘Whenever I have been fortunate to watch a party of Breckland hawfinches they were very wary, taking flight at the first alarm and rocketing into the treetops.’


Late 17th century: from haw + finch.