Definition of havelock in US English:



  • A cloth covering for a military cap that extends downward to protect the neck.

    • ‘One soldier from Pennsylvania reported his whole regiment received havelocks made by ladies in their home county.’
    • ‘Many Civil War soldiers used their havelocks not as cap covers, but as coffee. strainers, dishcloths, or gun patches.’
    • ‘There is also written evidence of the regiment requesting and receiving a large shipment of havelocks, an item eventually deemed useless by soldiers in the field.’
    • ‘After securing the lie of Thursday's gallantry, York himself dons the identical hat with havelock attached.’
    • ‘Women gathered together to make items that the soldiers would need such as havelocks, hand-knit socks and mittens, towels, sheets, pillowcases.’


Mid 19th century: named after Sir Henry Havelock (1795–1857), an English general who served in India.