Definition of have to one's name in US English:

have to one's name


  • often with negative Have in one's possession.

    ‘I had a child on the way and hardly a penny to my name’
    • ‘Water will be rushing all around you along with floating bodies, furniture, cars… everything you have to your name is lost under that water.’
    • ‘He prefers to keep going, not dwelling too long on the achievements he already has to his name.’
    • ‘He has to his name over 20 scholarly publications that appeared in this country and abroad.’
    • ‘He was a highly paid hacker for the government and that was all he had to his name.’
    • ‘One pair of faded jeans and purple boxer shorts were all he had to his name - he didn't even have shoes.’
    • ‘Drawing was the one thing I had to my name, but hardly a soul knew it.’
    • ‘Now all I have to my name is an overstuffed backpack.’
    • ‘The only money you have to your name belongs to a diamond and a lady.’
    • ‘The jury felt differently, and awarded a judgment that amounted to just about every dime I had to my name.’
    • ‘We can attract students from all over the world because they want a piece of the tradition of great success that we now have to our name.’
    possess, own, be in possession of, be the owner of, be the possessor of, be the proud possessor of, have in one's possession, have to one's name, count among one's possessions, be blessed with, boast, enjoy
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