Definition of have the last laugh in US English:

have the last laugh


  • Be finally vindicated, thus confounding earlier skepticism.

    • ‘I don't know who is having the last laugh on this one.’
    • ‘According to government statistics, 70 people are killed and 250,000 are injured doing DIY each year - so you'll be the one having the last laugh when he's wheeled off to casualty.’
    • ‘Then he wrote a best-selling book which sounded very much like having the last laugh at his investors' expense.’
    • ‘It's also an old master having the last laugh on a movie project that seemed destined to fail.’
    • ‘‘I couldn't believe I had scored a goal like that and I couldn't stop laughing but I suppose Rangers had the last laugh,’ he said afterwards.’
    • ‘So, with 300 films in five languages to his credit, is he having the last laugh on those who rejected his face as being ‘crude and harsh’?’
    • ‘For years his proudest boast has been that while others have criticised his growth forecasts, he has ended up having the last laugh.’
    • ‘The problem is that the players are invariably selling themselves short and it is the marketing executives that are having the last laugh.’
    • ‘You have to laugh but she'll have the last laugh when she gets offered all the plum roles as a female pirate.’
    • ‘Well all I can say is that in a month we'll see who will be having the last laugh.’