Definition of have the drop on in US English:

have the drop on


  • Have the advantage over.

    ‘if your enemy gets the drop on you he can kill you’
    • ‘We can handle one gunman when we have the drop on him.’
    • ‘We have been the first in so many categories because we have always had the drop on style.’
    • ‘We were horribly outnumbered and they had the drop on us.’
    • ‘I think we've already established the fact that you don't want that to happen,’ a man's voice on the other end sounded as if they knew they had the drop on this man.’
    • ‘They had the drop on me and if I'd resisted, they wouldn't have cared either way.’
    • ‘It will stop some crimes and deter others, but the risk would still be very high, especially since the fare will often have the drop on the driver.’
    • ‘They had the drop on us, so we complied and they cleaned the store out in about forty seconds or so.’
    • ‘Luckily, blokes tend to be very shallow so I had the drop on them’
    • ‘The 7am flight was a bit of a pain, but it meant that we got to the office in Newcastle around 8: 30 and thus got the drop on a number of their staff.’
    • ‘I had the drop on him; he couldn't get away.’