Definition of have something to offer in US English:

have something to offer


  • Have something available to be used or appreciated.

    • ‘Tony is doing a brilliant job, and both Mike and Peter have lots to offer, so why they don't tap into their expertise beats me.’
    • ‘We may not be as educated or experienced as our teachers or parents or politicians, but we have lots to offer.’
    • ‘Other palazzos too have marvellous things to offer but the Palazzo Fortuny is said to be the best of the lot.’
    • ‘Asylum seekers have a lot to offer if only they are allowed to.’
    • ‘More often than not, writers have no solution to offer: either the problems are too complex or else another issue suddenly looms and off they go explaining that.’
    • ‘Many people do not go to museums because they have an image of them being boring, but in fact they have lots to offer.’
    • ‘I know the problems, but I have no solutions to offer.’
    • ‘‘The people themselves are open-minded, and have a lot to offer,’ he says.’
    • ‘I feel I still have a lot to offer: my mind is still as sharp as ever, plus I have this amazing self-belief and determination that I wished I had when I was younger.’
    • ‘Amazingly the city, while not having a lot to offer, was just how I remembered it.’