Definition of have something coming out of one's ears in US English:

have something coming out of one's ears


  • Have a substantial or excessive amount of something.

    ‘that man's got money coming out of his ears’
    • ‘‘I have qualifications coming out of my ears,’ Mr Corbyn said.’
    • ‘We used to produce so many muck spreaders we had them coming out of our ears, but now we are down to 15 staff and it will be hard to produce one of these machines a week.’
    • ‘Each is reportedly a multi-millionaire; both have endorsements coming out of their ears.’
    • ‘It's the season of mangoes and you probably have them coming out of your ears.’
    • ‘Ever since coming to New Zealand in June 2000 I've had holidays coming out of my ears.’
    • ‘The lads have put everything they have into it and the manager should have accolades coming out of his ears because he has really got the best out of all the players in the squad.’
    • ‘I figured that despite having kids coming out of my ears, very little spare cash and a stressful job, on one night a week my guitar and I would work together again.’
    • ‘What with his vast organic outfit at Highgrove, he must have organic vegetables coming out of his ears.’
    • ‘I think most people here will have plans coming out of their ears and most will say this is just another one.’
    • ‘But they do have strikers coming out of their ears and he is probably sixth in the pecking order.’