Definition of have someone's number in English:

have someone's number


  • Understand a person's real motives or character and thereby gain some advantage.

    • ‘Whatever your dessert personality, Café Crepe has your number.’
    • ‘You certainly had my number when you guessed that the only math I can do is the one that comes after…’
    • ‘He has our number: people so mesmerised by the material that they only care about the spiritual if they can add ice and lemon to it after they've whisked it through duty free.’
    • ‘The cunning sniper up on the hill in the first mission certainly had my number.’
    • ‘He had our number, all of us, the whole flawed species.’
    • ‘They can't easily strike in the Middle East precisely because Syria, Egypt, Algeria, etc. have their number and have undertaken massive actions against them.’
    • ‘From two sets up Tim tried to head for the finish, but Canas reeled him in with thundering forehands and a deep-seated belief that he had the Briton 's number.’
    • ‘Yep, there are plenty do-gooders are out there and they have your number, baby, trust me.’
    • ‘If the cops have your number, you will be screwed no matter how law-abiding you are.’
    • ‘As George W. Bush and John Kerry race through their final prep sessions before Friday night's St. Louis slugfest, each of them undoubtedly believes that, in effect, he has your number.’
    as a bonus, as an extra, into the bargain, to boot, in addition, besides, as well
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