Definition of have shot one's bolt in US English:

have shot one's bolt


  • Have done all that one is able.

    • ‘We have shot our bolt and couldn't now take similar action elsewhere, even if this were desirable.’
    • ‘I had waited all these years for him to slip up and now he has shot his bolt.’
    • ‘Hate to tempt fate, but France appear to have shot their bolt.’
    • ‘The horse was unable to sustain the gallop and had shot his bolt by the time they reached the final bend.’
    • ‘She had shot her bolt before the third bend.’
    • ‘You can put it down to lack of expertise in playing over five days, a woeful shortage of staying power or, quite simply, they had shot their bolt.’
    • ‘Four miles out and I began dimly to understand that I had shot my bolt.’
    • ‘Palace had shot their bolt and it was no surprise when City levelled midway through the half, although the scorer would have fooled a few.’
    • ‘He had shot his bolt in that third-game tiebreaker and the 9-0 fourth was the price he paid.’
    • ‘He had shot his bolt by the seventies, retreating into gloomy introspection.’