Definition of have one too many in US English:

have one too many


  • Become slightly drunk.

    • ‘They go out on the town, he has one too many and is picked up by Michelle's character, Cyrenne.’
    • ‘At this particular event, one British woman had one too many, as it were.’
    • ‘Trouble is, if you rang Essex police to say you'd had one too many for the road, they wouldn't give you a tow.’
    • ‘It was obvious he had already had one too many to drink tonight.’
    • ‘This is an eye-opener of a place that looks like the architect got a job lot of steel, had one too many and then set about designing it.’
    • ‘We had been out the night before and probably had one too many.’
    • ‘York landlords could soon be fined for serving people who have had one too many.’
    • ‘According to research by Virgin Mobile, out of the 60 million texts sent daily in December, 15 million of them are sent by people who have had one too many.’
    • ‘If you start losing too much too quickly, many poker sites will crack down with the vigilance of a watchful bartender who cuts you off after you've had one too many.’
    • ‘I only had one drink, but this man got sick on me - he'd obviously had one too many or else he couldn't hold his liquor.’