Definition of have one's way with in US English:

have one's way with


  • Have sexual intercourse with (someone) (typically implying that it is against their wishes or better judgment).

    • ‘She's single and looking for a partner, male or female, to have her way with.’
    • ‘She didn't remember much after that, except for crying when she knew that nothing was going to stop Tom from having his way with her.’
    • ‘Yes it's my secret passion; I was thinking about driving back there in those woods and having my way with you in the back seat.’
    • ‘His band mates indulged in drunken orgies and had their way with many an adoring fan.’
    • ‘Is it really that much more disgusting and appalling than a rich 80-year old man having his way with a nubile young student?’
    • ‘Eve gives into her emotions as her mind pictures Mason having his way with her daughter.’
    • ‘Does that mean I can't have my way with him when we get to the bedroom?’
    • ‘After being told to concentrate on teaching and starting a family, and then discovering that Chris is having his way with one of the junior doctors, Charlotte decides to move to Manchester and pose as Chris in order to take on his new job.’
    • ‘I realized then that he wasn't planning on letting me go without having his way with me.’
    • ‘He is the young and randy knight who has his way with Catherine, the only woman in the castle, played in a suitably restrained way by Laura Richmond.’