Definition of have nothing to lose in US English:

have nothing to lose


  • Be in a situation that is so bad that even if an action or undertaking is unsuccessful, it cannot make it any worse.

    • ‘As someone who's faced more than her share of hardships lately, she should know a thing or two about having nothing to lose by taking a chance.’
    • ‘We've been boxed into a corner and have nothing to lose.’
    • ‘‘We have nothing to lose and everything to gain from the game,’ he said.’
    • ‘‘When I'm abroad I feel I have nothing to lose and everything to gain,’ he says.’
    • ‘Nobody expects us to win and so we have nothing to lose.’
    • ‘A year ago she beat players because she adopted a youthful attitude of having nothing to lose.’
    • ‘Sentenced to die, a convicted contract killer has nothing to lose when he snatches a policeman's pistol.’
    • ‘If not, I have nothing to lose by telling you the truth.’
    • ‘You have nothing to lose but stand to gain peace of mind!’
    • ‘We have nothing to lose, because we had nothing to start with.’