Definition of have no use for in US English:

have no use for


  • 1Be unable to find a purpose for; have no need for.

    ‘he had no use for a single glove’
    • ‘Councillor Ken Cooper said some members did not accept that the land had no use for housing purposes.’
    1. 1.1informal Dislike or be impatient with.
      • ‘They have no use for deprecating comparisons of the city's ‘winter’ with much more chill conditions elsewhere in the State this winter.’
      • ‘‘I have no use for a writer who directs my attention to himself and to his wit instead of the people he is interpreting,’ Jean-Luc Godard said in one of his early articles.’
      • ‘And that is one form of weapon I have no use for, proof that I have not absorbed all of my father's teachings.’
      • ‘And the odd bureaucrat who will speak his mind tells you why he has no use for journalists in his State.’
      • ‘He then goes on to say: ‘Personally I have no use for them whatsoever.’’
      • ‘Today's political elite has no use for genuinely engaged and active citizens who actually want to shape their own lives and society at large.’
      • ‘It has made him many enemies in an Australian rugby establishment that now has no use for him.’
      • ‘He has no use for the opinions people in Ontario may have, but continues to express the same disdain for the public that Mr Harris exhibited and apparently institutionalized.’
      • ‘Some conservatives I just have no use for at all.’
      • ‘If you find yourself in a different situation, it's entirely possible that you will have no use for my ramblings.’