Definition of have no time for in US English:

have no time for


  • 1Be unable or unwilling to spend time on.

    ‘he had no time for anything except essays and projects’
    • ‘He neglected his wives, whom he treated cruelly, and had no time for his children.’
    • ‘Stressed-Out American Women Have No Time for Sleep.’
    • ‘He dismissed the thought; he had no time for such nonsense.’
    • ‘I leave at dawn, and I have no time for more soul searching with you.’
    • ‘She rolled her eyes and kept walking, having no time for either his suggestions or his ultimatums.’
    • ‘She has no time for trivialities, and that includes worrying about what she looks like.’
    • ‘Mostly I collect the remnants of hobbies I've lost enthusiasm for, or have managed to convince myself I have no time for.’
    • ‘I had no time for that; I had to really knuckle down.’
    • ‘In the meantime, my other modules on the Diploma course were being completely ignored, because I simply had no time for them.’
    • ‘We have no time for play or at least play dates and the answer is to have families double up on free time by including everybody.’
    1. 1.1 Dislike or disapprove of.
      ‘he's got no time for airheads’
      • ‘He shows, in his book, that he has no time for what he calls ‘fix-it’ MPs with mobile phones, pagers and e-mail.’
      • ‘He believes bullying victims live with the ordeal for years, and says he has no time for adults who brush it aside as ‘character-building’.’
      • ‘Young people of my generation had no time for Larkin's irony and simply dismissed traditional sexual morality as a clutter of meaningless taboos.’
      • ‘It seems that if there's one thing she has no time for, it's female newscasters who are in the job only for their looks.’
      • ‘His magazine continues to probe and document issues that the rest of the media had no time for.’
      • ‘She has no time for the traditional view of Pakistani women spending their life tied to the family home.’
      • ‘He's always been clear that there are certain Republicans he likes, and others whom he has no time for.’
      • ‘Nadwi has no time for such critics, however, dismissing them as ‘narrow minded’ and ‘unrealistic’.’
      • ‘Perceived as one of this country's most intellectual moviemakers, the Jesuit-educated, one-time history student scoffs at people who claim they have no time for the tube.’
      • ‘The hospital superintendent and staff try to extend a cordial welcome, but the Minister has no time for such trivialities.’