Definition of have no concern with in US English:

have no concern with


  • Have nothing to do with.

    ‘drama seemed to have no concern with “truth” at all’
    • ‘Ordinarily the Gazette has no concern with outside news, but because this was an occasion which weighed heavily on our hearts and on the hearts of all mankind we wanted to take some notice of it.’
    • ‘They have no concern with anything but the destruction of the West.’
    • ‘And if we're not talking about the Internet, I really have no concern with what cable does on their wires.’
    • ‘Emerson had no concern with the ICC taking Broad out of the series with Zimbabwe with Murali's action still under review, as ‘there is a potential for a conflict of interest’.’
    • ‘She stated that she had no concern with David using the oven then but has now because he forgets when he takes his medication.’
    • ‘Has he no higher a status than that or a message-carrier or a postman who, after delivering the letter, has no concern with it whatsoever?’
    • ‘I have no concern with clause 86, but clause 86, I think, actually raises something that the Primary Production Committee may have missed, and I think the Minister should concentrate on this.’
    • ‘Since most members of Unison work for organisations such as local authorities, which have no concern with profit and loss, employers cannot be hit where it most hurts.’
    • ‘I had no concern with what baseball statistics are… I was concerned with what the statistics mean.’
    • ‘The court has no concern with the manner in which Parliament or its officers carrying out its standing orders perform these functions.’