Definition of have it easy in US English:

have it easy


  • Be free from difficulties; be fortunate.

    • ‘A sense of failure is a horrible feeling, especially to someone like me who's always had it easy, and never really failed a subject at school.’
    • ‘But for the life of me, I can't see how anybody in their right mind could possibly think she's had it easy.’
    • ‘My guess is that throughout the early to mid 1990s Labour had it easy.’
    • ‘Despite the expected traffic jams, potential electrical brown-outs and terrorist threats, modern Olympians and spectators have it easy, compared to their ancient counterparts.’
    • ‘They didn't have it easy because I am quite an impatient person when it comes to training, I just want to do as much as I can.’
    • ‘Blige, who grew up in the projects, has never had it easy, and the tough times remain embedded in her lyrics.’
    • ‘There is no single country that is having it easy.’
    • ‘The girls who walked the ramp on Monday had to answer questions about every thing from history, philosophy to music and clearly they did not have it easy.’
    • ‘The Bay Area is a fortunate place with plentiful resources so we kind of have it easy.’
    • ‘By comparison with my days of school report writing (all had to be written by hand, in permanent ink), teachers of today have it easy.’